Adobe Flash Player has stopped potentially unsafe operation

Recently I did a training with materials offline using Adobe Flash.

Sources are usually in a compressed file or a CD/DVD drive, and when I ran the starting web page using Microsoft Internet Explorer I’ve received the following error message:

Adobe Flash Player Security

Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation.

The following local application on your computer or network:
is trying to communicate with this Internet-enabled location:

To let this application communicate with the Internet, click Settings.
You must restart the application after changing your settings.
OK Settings…

Adobe Flash Player has stopped potentially unsafe operation


  1. This error message appeared only using Microsoft Internet Explorer and NOT with Google Chrome.
  2. Unfortunately clicking the button Settings the error message disappears without show any configuration screen and to receive again the error I have to close the browser and re-open it.

As the error message itself is saying, Adobe Flash player stopped the operation because a local file wants to communicate with an “Internet-enabled location” that in our case is local but it could be on internet and for this reason dangerous (“unsafe operation”).

Adobe Flash Player has stopped potentially unsafe operation


  1. Access to the local Flash Player Settings Manager (click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Flash Player)
    Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager
  2. click the Advanced tab then on Trusted Location Settings
    Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager - Advanced
  3. click Add…
    Trusted Location Settings
  4. click Add File… to select the .sfw file or Add Folder… to select the folder or CD/DVD drive then Confirm
    Add Site
  5. Close the browser

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Microsoft Download Center Download button is missing

You want download a file or software from Microsoft Download Center.

In the Install Instructions section is written:

Download the appropriate file for your computer's processor by clicking one of the links below. You can run the package directly from the link or you can also save it on your local disk to install later.

But you cannot see any link or Download button.

Microsoft Download Center Download button is missing

Solution 1:
Change the URL of the page using https:// rather than http://

Solution 2 (from sam2030):
Download Button Unavailable on Windows Update Web Site

Solution 3 (from Ryan):
Try using Google Chrome

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Tips & Tricks – create sitemap automatically

To create automatically an updated site map (or sitemap) of your website I suggest you to use the

Sitemaps Generator

XML Sitemaps Generator |
Create your Google Sitemap Online – XML Sitemaps Generator


  • Free Online Generator (Maximum 500 pages)
  • Unlimited Generator (No limits)
  • Online PRO Service

To use the online Free Service, you need to enter some simple details:

  1. the full http address for your site
  2. change frequency
  3. last modification (if you don’t know use “Use server’s response”)
  4. priority (if you don’t know use “Automatically Calculated Priority”)

Then Start. Maximum 500 pages will be indexed in sitemap.

With the Free service, after process, you can download the following formats:

  • un-compressed XML (.xml)
  • compressed XML (.xml.gz)
  • HTML (.html)
  • in Text Format (urllist.txt)
  • ROR (ror.xml)

With the Payment Services you can generate any kind of Sitemap you require:

  • XML
  • HTML
  • Images
  • Video
  • News
  • Text formatted
  • Mobile

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