HOW TO capture menu using Snipping Tool

Since Microsoft included this feature in Windows I started to use it.
I didn’t know how to capture menus and DropDown controls because when I click on the button New the control lost focus and closd automatically.

HOW TO capture menu using Snipping Tool?

Open the Snippng Tool, click Cancel so that the toll will be still opened.
Then, when you want capture a menu or a drop down control activated, use Ctrl+PrtScn.

If you want capture a new one, press again New then Cancel and use Ctrl+PrtScn.

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Shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F1 does not work

If the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F1 does not work the problem is not linked with the application that you are using but maybe with the computer that you are using, I noticed that is a problem in Dell machines.

Shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F1 does not work


Use Ctrl+Alt+WinKey+F1

NOTE (by Daniele Rebussi): This solution applies also when NAV is used via Citrix/VMWare visualization environments, where Ctrl+Alt+F1 combination covers other functionality.

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