Error in required structured data element

I’ve received an email from Goodle Search Console about an issue found in my web site.

Clicking the button “FIX AMP issues using Search Console” Google Search Console opens showing the URLs with problem.

Use the following testing tool
to analyze the urls, see the error and correct them. 
After you fixed the issue you can click the button to Validate The Fix so that Google can add the url in their queue to re-validate the page.

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Hotspot WiFi Login page does not appear

Open with the browser the following url

This time I’ve decided write first the solution and offer to the reader the option to read the full post or not.

Just recently I bought a Chinese Tablet with Android to my son Thomas and surprisingly I’ve faced this issue.
Well, how complicated could be connect a device to an Hotspot (Free Wifi) network for a person that has a degree in IT?
I tell you my list of attempts in order as I thought:

  1. Restart the device (favorite Microsoft solution)
  2. Open the default router page using the following IPs/URLs
  3. Assigned Google DNS
  4. Open an HTTP website in Incognito

After all those attempts failed I started thinking that probably the device was broken/not working properly but it was connected when we were at home…

I should force the browser to do a refresh, I remembered that often appeared a page, I remembered that there was a combination of the two words Microsoft and Connect. Just I googled it and found the url

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