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Shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F1 does not work

This post contains steps how to do if the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F1 does not work using Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F1 does not work the problem is not linked with the application that you are using but maybe with the computer that you are using, I noticed that is a problem in Dell machines.

Shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F1 does not work


Use Ctrl+Alt+WinKey+F1

NOTE (by Daniele Rebussi): This solution applies also when NAV is used via Citrix/VMWare visualization environments, where Ctrl+Alt+F1 combination covers other functionality.

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Thank you very much. This function used to work for me in Navision and then all of a sudden stopped. But your solution works, so thanks very much. I was getting very frustrated!

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