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HOW TO make Hard Reset on HTC Touch 2

With the phone turned OFF

Hold the CENTER of VOLUME button, then press the END/POWER button and release it.
Remove the back cover and the stylus to reveal the RESET button (it’s located at the bottom of the stylus compartment).
Hold the CENTER of VOLUME button, then use the stylus tip to press the RESET button.

Then follow instructions on the display

With the phone turned ON

Tap Start -> Settings -> System -> Clear Storage
Enter “1234” and then tap Yes.

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Microsoft Windows Mobile

After download of a CAB file from Internet Explorer the installation fails on HTC Touch 2

When download a .cab file from Internet Explorer it renames the file from .cab to .tsk (The TSK file type is primarily associated with ‘Skins (Themes) for Pocket PC PDAs’, these generally are Microsoft .CAB files). Failing to install and open Today screen themes.

It’s a bug of HTC Touch 2 device.


When you start downloading the file in the request form where you can select the Open file after download checkbox tap Menu > Save as… change Type from tsk to all files then add .cab extension to the filename then click Save button.

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