HOW TO reset Windows Internet Explorer (IE)

To reset Windows Internet Explorer settings to their default condition go to Tools (Alt+X) -> Internet options
Tools_Internet Option
click the Advanced tab and then click Reset…
Select the “Delete personal settings” check box if you like to remove all your personal settings
then click Reset.
Close Internet Explorer.

To remove MyStart by IncrediBar after uninstallation of IncrediBar* toolbar program.

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HOW TO display the Menu bar in Windows Internet Explorer (IE)

Since Windows Internet Explorer 7 the menu bar is hidden by default, to display it you can press Alt.

If you’d like it to be always displayed follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch IE
  2. press Alt to display the menu bar
  3. click View -> Toolbars
  4. check Menu bar
  5. check Lock the bars if you want lock the displayed bars

With the same steps you can display/hide different bars: Favorites bar, Command bar and Status bar.

For Systems Engineers:

It’s possible enable/disable the menu bar setting Local Computer Policy.
Run gpedit.msc and expand
Computer Configuration node to set the Policy for all users that use the computer
User Configuration node to set the Policy only for current user
Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer
Right-click and select Edit
on Turn on menu bar by default, choose
Enabled to enable always displayed menu bar
Disabled/Not Configured to disable always displayed menu bar
then click OK.

For Network Administrators:

You can set the policy as above using Group Policy Management
Run gpmc.msc in the Domain Controller (DC) and
Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here…
select an existing Group Policy Object (GPO), right-click and select Edit
in your
Organization Unit (Domain)

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