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AAD user appearing twice on DevOps

Of course before to continue verify that in the Organization the user has only one account.

Opened this issue with Microsoft
and sharing solution:

  1. Navigate to Organization Settings -> Users
  2. Remove the user.
  3. Re-add the account by typing in the entire email address without using the suggested identity in the dropdown.
  4. Ask the user to clear all cookies/cache and navigate directly to from an inPrivate/incognito browser.
  5. Make a new query in the projects the use was assigned filtering for “Assigned To contains” and the first letters of the name so that you can verify if there are still items assigned to the wrong account that can be re-assigned.

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HOW TO remove all docker images

Remove all images

All the Docker images on a system can be listed by adding -a to the docker images command. Once you’re sure you want to delete them all, you can add the -q flag to pass the Image ID to docker rmi:


docker images -a


docker rmi $(docker images -a -q)


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