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HTC Touch 2 – “BTTrayCE is not a valid application”

After I installed TomTom 7 when the device start show the following error message:

BTTrayCE is not a valid application


Enable the “Show All Files” option.
Rename the BtCoreIf file with BtCoreIf_old in the Windows folder.
Make a SoftReset.

NOTE: in my case I was unable to use share internet connection function. After my solution it returned to work.

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HOW TO Microsoft Windows Mobile

HOW TO change Lock Screen (Sleep mode) settings on HTC Touch 2

  1. Tap Start > Settings > System > Power.
  2. Tap the Advanced tab.
  3. To change the time before the phone goes into Sleep mode, select a time from the Turn off device if not used for lists.
    (To turn off automatic Sleep mode altogether, clear the Turn off device if not used for check boxes.)

Council not to disable this feature, but simply to increase the interval for bringing it to 3-5 min on battery power only.

Finally, from the same screen you can increase the range of the backlight, the voice  where it says “Turn off backlight if device is not used for”.
The default setting is 30 s. If the user prefers is also possible to increase this range, always for the “On battery power”, however, do not recommend to put values ​​above 1 min since this approach affects the duration of the charge of the battery.

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