“Documents.library-ms” is no longer working

“Documents.library-ms” is no longer working.

Documents.library-ms is no longer working.

Solution 1:

  1. go to Libraries in Windows Explorer
  2. right-click whichever folder gives you an error and select Delete
  3. right-click on the Libraries folder and select Restore Default Libraries

Solution 2:
Restore your system using a previous restore point.

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HOW TO choose columns to show in Drop Down window in NAV

In the installation of NAV using RoleTailored Client (RTC) when you set the TableRelation field’s property in the definition of a table, automatically, in the Pages that will display this field, will show a DropDownList control.

If the user click the drop-down button it will display a windows a list of fields with the primary key columns plus a text field only if his name will be Name or Description (both case-sensitive).

An example of the Drop Down window is available opening Vendor Card for the field Payment Terms Code as in the following image:
Drop Down window in NAV

HOW TO choose columns to show in Drop Down window in NAV?

Design the table using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment then click on the menu View -> Field Groups and create a line with Name DropDown (case-sensitive) and in the Group insert the list ordered of the columns that you want display in the window linked with the DropDownList control.

Note: it’s not important the ID number, to work the system require the name will be exactly DropDown (case-sensitive), you cannot create more than one line with the same Name.

An example of the property is available in the table 3 Payment Terms as in the following image:
HOW TO choose columns to show in Drop Down window in NAV

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