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Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: ‘Tenant’

I’ve created a new NAV Instance, setup the correct database name then tried to run the Service and I’ve received the following error message:


ServerInstance ‘MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer$NewInstance’ failed to reach status ‘Running’ on this server due to the following error: ‘Cannot start the service.’. Additional information may be in the event log of the server.


As suggested by the error message I’ve opened the Event Log to look for additional information and I’ve found the following error message:

Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: ‘Tenant’.

What does this error mean? Well the error message does not help us to fix this issue but I’ve found a solution and I’m here to share it with you (this is the mission of my website, share my solutions).

The new instance is setup to use a port (Management Services Port, Client Services Port, SOAP Services Port or OData Services Port) that is already in use by an existing running NAV Instance. In my case was the SOAP Services Port.

Change the port number to a one which is not being used by any other instance, or stop the other service using this port.

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This ended up being an expired web certificate. Updated the thumbprint on the server instance and it started right up

Hi Mark, usually when you have an expired certificate you will find lot of clear messages in the Event Viewer. Maybe you did not notice them.

The certificate expired, renewed it and got issues about the thumbprint. Double checked everything and made sure the certificate is in all the right places. The end result was this error message. None of the ports are in use, no instance is running on the server (we only have the test & prod ones on that one) and both refuse to start. Any further ideas on what to do?

You are right about needing to use the correct port number. My issue was that I had to stick with XX4_. Once I switch it to third digit to 4, everything worked.

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