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HOW TO add new users in Business Central SaaS

This post describes the steps to add a new user in Business Central SaaS version including the Admin Center in the Tenant

Maybe you noticed that navigating to the Users list page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS the button + New is disabled.

HOW TO add new users in Business Central SaaS?

Well, to add a new user in BC SaaS you should first create a new account in the Tenant connecting to the Microsoft 365 admin center using your browser (I suggest you use Google Chrome) with an account with Admin Role access.

From the Admin Center, navigate to the menu Users -> Active Users and add a new user using one of the buttons “Add a user” or “Add multiple users“.

Remember that in order to allow a user to connect to Business Central you must assign a Dynamics 365 Business Central license to its account.

New accounts are not visible in Business Central?

After you created new users in the Admin Center then you need to connect to Business Central, open the Users list page and use the function from the menu Process -> Get New Users from Office 365

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