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HOW TO change country in your Google account

To change country in your Google account visit the Places you go then insert your home address in the section Home and work.

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I am attempting to change the country associated with my Google account. When I “Click the Edit link near to Email title”, there is no longer a country selection drop-down that shows up. Can you check? I wonder if Google has changed something?

Hi Eclipses,

Thanks for that link. I was able to access that and change the country. However, it still didn’t accomplish what I had set out to accomplish. Maybe you might still have a suggestion.

I reside in Canada. I am currently in Hawaii. I had wanted to use the Google Music Manager feature which is currently not available in Canada. I have read from forums that if I can download and run “Google Music Manager” while I am in the US (even just once), then my account is good to go, even when I return to Canada..

So while I am in Hawaii, I tried going to the Google Music website. It would not let me download the software. It gives me the message, “The Google Play music player is currently available in select territories.” That’s why I am trying ways to have Google recognize the fact that I am in the US. I thought my registered Google account and the country it was associated with had something to do with it. Hence why I asked about changing my Google acct country. So far, that still hasn’t allowed me to run Google Music Manager.

Would you have any tips to offer in my situation? I have made sure I saved the country after I changed it as well as have quit Google Chrome and started it back up again.

Hi Ken Cheung,
when I wrote this post the reason was I relocated in another country. I don’t know Google Music Manager because I cannot download it in my current country. If you live in the USA and you cannot download the app you can contact directly Google support but if you are trying to find an unofficial way I suggest you to search on Google something using words about what you want, for example I found the following link, but I’m sure there are more

Hi Eclipse, Thanks for sharing your tip but I am still not ablee to change my country on google play inspite changing the location on google a/c as per above site. How can I change/varify the country in Google Play? Any suggestion/advice?

Appreciate you help and keep up the good work…

Finally a real answer to how I can change the country of my account in Google. Really thanks a lot πŸ™‚

Finally! I’ve been tampering with my settings and combing through every Google profile I have associated with my account for almost an hour! Thank you so much for this. I’ll be bookmarking this page for future reference, so please keep it up to date.

Once again, thank you!

Hi there!

I recently relocated from Italy to United Kingdom, and this guide is exactly the type of things I need right now! πŸ˜€
Unfortunately there’s still something not working, I now have as my home page, I followed this guide and this one too:
But when I try to download MyVodafone application from the store…I still get the Italian one! So when I try to login with my UK number it complains πŸ™

Have you got any suggestions? Thank you very much

I had a problem with a currency in google play. Google showed me the currency of my home country, but not the country where I my card have been issued. So I went to the Settings of my wallet and Delete home address. Then I`ve created new address in the country where I stayed.
After this, I pay for the apps in the currency of country I live
Maybe it`ll be useful for someone.

I spoke to the google helpdesk just now and this is how you have to do it:
1 Login to gmail.
2. Open another tab –
3. Change the default home address there to your new country
4. Try buying an app (no need to pay) to check if it is asking for money in the new country currency.
5. Delete all history from the browser.
6. Wait for 30 mins.
7. DONE !!!

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