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HOW TO install certificates file .cer on Microsoft Windows Phone-based devices

Be sure that you have exported the certificate as DER-coded-binary X.509 (.cer).
Send the Certificate file “.cer” via e-mail to an account configured on your Microsoft Windows Phone device.
Sync the Mail Box and tap on the attachment file to install the certificate.
Reboot your device.

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8 replies on “HOW TO install certificates file .cer on Microsoft Windows Phone-based devices”

Going through SkyDrive documents works as well. Seeing the cert and tapping on it initiates the installation.

I exported our enterprise domain self-signed root cert(my notebook W7, certman.msc, Trust-cert-auth, open, copy-to-file), put to skydrive and on Phone opened from “Office” app -> it worked. Thx for tip.

The certificate installs fine (at least it says it did), however it does not appear in the certificate list when attempting to connect to WPA2 Enterprise WiFi. Even installed the CA cert, which does appear in the list of certificate authorities in the WiFi config options — but the ‘connect using’ certificate list only contains ‘WIndows Phone Enrollment CA’ certs. The same certs work fine on iPhone and Windows 8.1 on tablets. Very annoying.

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