Installing Cygwin – “unable to get setup.ini”

if in your network you have a proxy or firewal restriction, in
Select Your Internet Connection
use one of following options:
Use Internet Explorer Proxy Setting
“Use HTTP/ FTP Proxy” and select HTTP mirror If you’re not sure that you can use FTP.

Solution of ddddd (from comments):
Right-click on setup.exe and choose “Run as Administrator”

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Simple. Right click on setup.exe. Choose “Run as Administrator”. Then every thing should start working. Ofcourse you should have the option to run as Admin.

Hi, do you have tried my solution and also running setup as Administrator? Are you working in a private network or in a company? is your pc a desktop or a laptop?
Please, give me more info to try to help you.

Hi thanks for the info, after running the exe as admin it worked fine for me. I appreciate it

Hi! I installed most basic functions of cygwin including gcc-suite. Now I want to extend the installation because I got a source code which requires X and GTK. No matter whether I am logged in as ‘crippled’ user or admin, using ‘run as admin’, wit or without antivirus, FW etc. – I always get the unable-to-get-setup.ini-message. I’ve chosen the 64-bit version for the first installation and trying to get more from the same server (!) which is does not succeed. Any idea? Maybe I’ll delete the whole bunch and revert to 32-bit. I tried randomly ~8-12 other servers to no avail.

P.S.: while typing this, I tried it again with and it worked well 🙂 !! I’ve got no clue why most of the other mirrors failed. I leave this comment in the hope it might help others.

I’m trying to install Android NDK, as part of the required tools I was trying to install Cygwin.
I downloaded Cygwin from and run setup-x86_64.exe.
Error message – unable to get setup.ini from
I even tried installing as administrator, I’m installing in my personal desktop a windows 7 64 bit machine.
Please help me fixing this issue.


you have to use the actual admin not the tinker toys version as admin user
in cmd.exe net user administrator /active:yes
and relogin as the user called administrator

After a few unsuccessful google searches I came across this and it worked to select Üse IE proxy settings” thanks!

Thanks, man! This is the correct solution. Without Running As Administrator, the mirror list won’t appear and adding the mirror sites won’t work!


1. Right-click on setup.exe and choose “Run as Administrator”
2. In section, Select Your Internet Connection, choose -> Use Internet Explorer Proxy Setting

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