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Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Ultimate requires Product Key

Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Ultimate requires Product Key

Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Ultimate includes:

  • Expression Blend 4 + SketchFlow
  • Expression Studio 4 Web Professional
  • Expression Design 4
  • Expression Encoder 4 Pro

You downloaded the installation ISO from Microsoft website and you have a company license for this software.
You read “no product key needed” in the Microsoft website but a few of days after installation when you’ll open a tool of this software appears a window with a message that require to insert a Product Key

Use the following key:


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63 replies on “Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Ultimate requires Product Key”

Hi Binu Rooney,
thank you for your reply. I’m sorry but I don’t have the answer to your question. I think that only Microsoft know what kind of checks there are in their products.

It works Thanks Man.I wish u could also supply us wit the wyswyig product Key!!anywhere thank a lot

The supplied serial will not unlock Pro features like GPU acceleration and H.264 encoding

What you get with this serial is the Pro version 4.0.1651 which came before SP1 and SP2, so you will not get the Pro features from these later versions. I have searched high and low but I cannot find serials for v4.0.4276.

Hi Gordon King,

Thank you for your comments. I haven’t tested features or upgrade to new version, I had a licensed version but appears to me the form asking me to insert a key. As I read in Microsoft website there wasn’t any key to insert but every time was appearing this strange request. So I found this key that worked for me and I shared the information.
If you have the license of this software I suggest to you to contact Microsoft support.

What you need is a pre SP1 version that can be activated with a serial then upgrade to SP2 using version 4.0.4376. The version 4.0.1651 supplied free by Microsoft is pre-activated, so that it cannot be upgraded.

Yes! Thank you. Microsoft admitted that the reason my Expression Web 4 required re-activation was because I put in a new motherboard; yet, MS refused to help in any way even though I purchased the full version. The key solved my problem. Thank you!!

I’ve searched long and large but I cannot find where to download the kit from.
Has anybody a valid link that would like to share ?

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