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Microsoft Windows Phone – “0x89731812”


The above error message appears when you try to deploy a Windows Phone Project to a physical Windows Phone device.

Connection to device failed.

Disconnect and Reconnect the USB Cable, verify that Zune running and unlock the screen.

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thank you for your reply. Is this the first time that you deploy a Windows Phone Project to a physical Windows Phone device? When you tried to disconnect and reconnect the USB Cable, appears in Zune that device is connected? Please, give me more info.
Let me know

Hello, I tried deploy a XAP in multiple ways, but I constantly get 0x89731812 error.

I use a Windows 8 PC (I think here lies the real problem, there are no tools for Windows 8)
I tried developer XAP Deployer
I tried TomXAP Deployer
I tried Windows Phone Device Manager (Never worked anyway)
Zune is running

If i sent the XAP via email to myself i can install it, but i want to install it from the PC!

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