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HOW TO disable Mobile Theme in Jetpack

When you’ve activated the Mobile Theme it appeared an alert about how to deactivate it

HOW TO disable Mobile Theme in Jetpack

but maybe, like it happened to me, you didn’t read the message or you’ve forgot it.

HOW TO disable Mobile Theme in Jetpack

Press the Learn More button

Mobile Theme in Jetpack

then the Configure button will change in Deactivate

Mobile Theme in Jetpack with Deactivate button

NOTE: This is the way to deactivate/disable each functionality in the Jetpack plugin.

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Tips & Tricks – View YouTube videos without Ads

Yes, finally you can view YouTube™ videos without Ads.

I suggest you to install the ScrewAds extension/add-on for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox so you can view YouTube videos without Ads. ScrewAds skips and blocks the annoying video and image YouTube Ads automatically. Have a clean YouTube experience without VEVO ads and backgrounds, too.

You can donwoload it from the official website:
ScrewAds! – Block, Skip, Remove, and Replace, any and all YouTube™ Ads! Also gets rid of VEVO backgrounds.
search it in the
Chrome Web Store using Google Chrome
Add-ons for Firefox using Mozilla Firefox.

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