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HOW TO remove Facebook virus “http://www.ԣԣԡԣԣԡ.com/?ԣԡ << Look Here !"

How to remove Facebook virus that publishes for you (with your name) the following message with your contacts tagged:

http://www.ԣԣԡԣԣԡ.com/?ԣԡ << Look Here !

You received the notify that your friend tagged you in a message with the above message.
You opened the link that show the following page

Virus Facebook

You clicked to play the video and when appears the following alert

Virus Facebook - Business Flash Player !

you clicked the Add button.

How to remove Facebook virus?

Open Google Chrome, click the Chrome menu Google_Chrome_menu on the browser toolbar then select Settings, click on Extensions and how to remove facebook virus - Remove from Chrome Remove from Chrome at the line of the extension Business Flash Player !

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