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The Microsoft Dynamics NAV server is currently not ready to serve requests

Searching on internet I’ve found a few of posts with solution for this error, they were quite old (2014) and the cause of the error was that the account used by the NAV Server was not db_owner in the database. The solution was to grant that user to db_owner.

Well the issue now is that the account used to run the NAV Server in my database is db_owner.

What is the error? What is the meaning of this error message?

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV server is currently not ready to serve requests. Try again later or contact your system administrator.

To be honest this error message did not help me to understand what was the issue, even in the Event Log there was not extra info.

Do not ask me the meaning of this error message and I do not know yet the causes but I found a solution (this is the mission of my website, share my solutions).

Navigate to the following folder

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\<NAVVersionNumber>\Server

and delete the folder with the name of NAV Instance of which you had the error. Then folders have the same name of the Service, with the following format


where <ServerInstance> is the name of the NAV Instance.
At the end restart the NAV Instance.

Note: Don’t be worry, after you will restart the instance, this folder will be recreated.

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