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What’s the password of the WiFi I’m connected to?

This post can be applied only to the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

You are connected to a WiFi using your pc with Windows, and you need to know what is the password used to connect into the network

I know two methods to achieve this goal.

Method 1:

  • Right-click in the taskbar in the WiFi icon (marked in red in the image)
  • Click on Open Network & Internet settings
  • Click on the menu Wi-Fi
  • Click on Change adapter options
  • Right-click on your Wi-Fi adapter
  • Click on Status
  • Click the button Wireless Properties
  • Navigate to the Security tab
  • then tick Show characters checkbox to show the WiFi password in the Network security key field.

Method 2:
Open the Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell and run the following command replacing “WiFiName” with the name of the WiFi network you are connected to

netsh wlan show profile name="WiFiName" key=clear | findstr Key

The Key Content will display the WiFi password in the command prompt as a result.

Note: “WiFiName” is not case sensitive but if you don’t write correctly your WiFiName no error and no result will be displayed.

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