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Google Chrome extension – “Download was not a CRX”

When you try to install a Google Chrome extension show the following error message:

An error has occurred
Download was not a CRX

Download was not a CRX

Not install the required extension.

Solution from your comments: (Prefered because it respects your privacy but not always works)
Open Google Chrome,
click the Chrome menu Google_Chrome_menu on the browser toolbar then select New incognito window
press Ctrl+Shift+N
then open the page of extension in this mode, if you don’t know the url you can copy and paste in the incognito window the following:
search the extension and click on ADD TO CHROME to install.

Note: If you chose this solution you have to repeat the above steps everytime you want to install a new extension because it will always appear the same error. Whenever, you have to open an incognito window.

My Solution:
Sign in into Google before to try to install an extension.

To Sign in or Sign up in to Google Chrome, open Google Chrome
click the Chrome menu Google_Chrome_menu on the browser toolbar then select Sign in to Chrome
using the following link:
Google Accounts

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36 replies on “Google Chrome extension – “Download was not a CRX””

Hi, I’m sorry, thank you for your comment. Please give me more information about your actions and if the error message is the same so I can try to help you.

second solution worked, first one didn’t. Incognito window had same error message. Had to login to Google account, then didn’t need incognito window.

incognito first time round did not work — second time round – I used your link after I opened in incognito — same error message what WHOLLA — CAGE was up and running 🙂 Very nice indeed — thank YOU!!!!!!

Hi, thank you for your comment, I don’t understood very well your actions, I’m happy that you solved your problem but I’d like have more info. You say that in second round show in incognito windows the same error, what page you opened? Do you confirm that first solution works with the steps written? Let me know

hello, thx for your advices. its kinda weird. i tried the first solution and it worked. but then after i closed the incognito window and tried to download another theme, it doesnt work anymore. so i tried the second solution that’s working till now. :3

Hi, thank you for your comment. I haven’t right answer to your question because I don’t work in Google (I’d like). I think that in Google want know who download Chrome extension so they require Sign in before but if you use their Incognito Windows skip this check. Their error message is not clear so I wrote in my post my solution.

[…] Google Chrome extension – “Download was not a CRX”. […]

Hi itsintheblood,
Thank you for your comment, I’m happy to help you. Thank you for your support (the beer is arrived but has not yet been drunk), it’s very important for the life of this site. I suggest you to subscribe so receive automatically new posts.

neither solution has worked for me. neither does deleting the old “default” folder in …/chrome/user data. any other suggestions? I should mention that I’m on work computer with a fresh Windows 7 install. I was previously on Windows XP and adding chrome extensions worked fine.


I tried your both methods, but still could not install extensions, got the same error message: an error has occurred, download interrupted. I am using iMac, Google Chrome 27.0.1453

I have many extensions installed, not sure why now could not install any, tried to install a few, all failed.

Any methods I can try?


Hi tanventure,
unfortunately I haven’t a Mac 🙁
Are you sure that you logged in? Is this your first extension that you are installing? Can you provide me the extension name?

I have many extensions installed, this time trying to install SmartVideo for youtube because somehow on my Chrome youtube did not buffering at all.

Thanks for your quick help

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