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HOW TO run SQL query for multiple companies in NAV database

In Micrososoft Dynamics NAV, tables with property DataPerCompany = No are stored in SQL in multiple tables having the company name as prefix, than $ and the name.

Example, the Customer table in Cronus Company:

CRONUS UK Ltd_$Customer

The following T-SQL Script retrieves the list of the companies, loop through them and use the Company Name as prefix (@pref) to run a query (@sql_ext).

DECLARE @pref nvarchar(30)
DECLARE @sql_ext nvarchar(max)

DECLARE company_cursor CURSOR FOR
SELECT replace(Name,'.','_') FROM Company

OPEN company_cursor
FETCH NEXT FROM company_cursor INTO @pref


SELECT @sql_ext = N'SELECT ''' + @pref + ''' as Company,* FROM [dbo].[' + @pref + '$Inquiry Note] WHERE DATALENGTH([Note]) < 4'
EXEC sp_executesql @sql_ext
FETCH NEXT FROM company_cursor INTO @pref

CLOSE company_cursor
DEALLOCATE company_cursor

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5 replies on “HOW TO run SQL query for multiple companies in NAV database”

Hi Ajit,

What you are asking for of course is possible, adding the company name as part of the select is immediate but to achieve the union you must created a temporily table, insert the result there, make a SELECT to get the results and then delete the temporarly table when completed.

Hi, would like to know if you could post an example of Stored Procedure which receives Company Name as parameter and Select data from the table ?

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