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HOW TO run SQL query for multiple companies in NAV database

In Micrososoft Dynamics NAV, tables with property DataPerCompany = No are stored in SQL in multiple tables having the company name as prefix, than $ and the name.

Example, the Customer table in Cronus Company:

CRONUS UK Ltd_$Customer

The following T-SQL Script retrieves the list of the companies, loop through them and use the Company Name as prefix (@pref) to run a query (@sql_ext).

DECLARE @pref nvarchar(30)
DECLARE @sql_ext nvarchar(max)

DECLARE company_cursor CURSOR FOR
SELECT replace(Name,'.','_') FROM Company

OPEN company_cursor
FETCH NEXT FROM company_cursor INTO @pref


SELECT @sql_ext = N'SELECT ''' + @pref + ''' as Company,* FROM [dbo].[' + @pref + '$Inquiry Note] WHERE DATALENGTH([Note]) < 4'
EXEC sp_executesql @sql_ext
FETCH NEXT FROM company_cursor INTO @pref

CLOSE company_cursor
DEALLOCATE company_cursor

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