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HOW TO show BigText in a message window in C/AL

According to the MSDN documentation in the link BigText Data Type

"cannot be shown in a message window"

This example requires that you create the following variables:

Name DataType Subtype
varBigText BigText

It is true that you cannot insert the BigText in a message
[sourcecode lang=”Cside”]MESSAGE(varBigText);[/sourcecode]

HOW TO show BigText in a message window in C/AL?

You can show the content of the variable easily using the FORMAT Function (Code, Text) to convert the BigText in a String.
[sourcecode lang=”Cside”]MESSAGE(FORMAT(varBigText));[/sourcecode]

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One reply on “HOW TO show BigText in a message window in C/AL”

Thanks for the tip. It works nice in NAV 2013 R2. Also, it works in a report if you want to show a bigtext in the layout.

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